For the journey ahead...

For the journey ahead...

For the journey ahead...

For the journey ahead...

For the journey ahead...

For the journey ahead...

For the journey ahead...

If we want to go far,
we must go together.

There’s an old saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” But what happens when going alone slows you down too?

Only with a safe, efficient and sustainable travel network can we ensure a positive future for our communities and businesses in the Whakatipu.

The Lightfoot Initiative was started to help meet this shared goal of less reliance on car travel, less congestion on our roads, less carbon in our atmosphere.

This isn’t about being anti-car. Rather it is about inspiring a change in thinking about how we move around this beautiful place – and making certain this change can occur regardless of the challenging transport conditions ahead.

The future stretches out in front of us. We need the vision and wherewithal to meet it on the right foot.

Bike. Bus. Brilliant.

A bike-bus journey offers the best of both worlds – ease of travel over longer distances and the enjoyment of pedal-powered freedom.

Make some time for you.

See how a fast, reliable bus network puts less stress on our roads – and less stress on you.

There’s more than one way to get there.

Bike or bus, scoot or skate, walk or run or pogo or skip or dance or, well… it doesn’t really matter how – just one less car trip a week makes a difference.

Why not travel in good company?

If a problem shared is a problem halved, then dividing one car between many helps make the trip with less cost and less congestion.

Lightfoot News

Lightfoot Legend

Lightfoot Legend

Paul Speedy is a Queenstown commuter who doesn’t put his bike into hibernation over winter. And the last 18 months he has been cycling from Arrowtown to his job at QLDC, where he’s the Manager of Strategic Projects.

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