About the Lightfoot Initiative

We are Lightfoot.

The Lightfoot Initiative Charitable Trust grew out of the increasing sense of urgency we have about climate change. But it’s more than that.

For the past century, how we use urban spaces has been dictated by the need to accommodate cars. This no longer feels right.
We’re not telling you to ditch your car – we just think that communities are more than roads. This isn’t about a two-wheeled revolution – it’s just about re-imagining transport use to serve the individual, the community and the planet.
The Lightfoot Initiative is an incorporated, registered charity governed by a board of trustees.
Our team is supported by a group of dedicated volunteers who are helping to deliver our many projects.
Charities registration: CC59554

The Lightfoot Initiative Board of Trustees
Hannah | Mark | Stephen | Matt | Amanda

Listen to Amanda explain how Lightfoot came to be, its mission to reimagine transport use and how it advocates for the community


Lightfoot’s purpose is to benefit communities within the Queenstown Lakes District by supporting the development and use of safer, healthier and more sustainable transport networks that encourage widespread mode shift and greater community connection.

We are committed to the following principles:

Equity – Everyone should be able to access active travel options

Kaitiakitanga – Kaitiaki of this district should ensure it is healthy for future generations

Global responsibility – Local actions protect the global environment

Community – Connected people live, work and play better together

Cumulative action – Many small steps create big change

Strategic Plan to 2024

The Lightfoot team have traveled a long way, in a short time. See where we’ve come from, and where the journey will take us over the next 12 months.


Join our team of volunteers.

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Our Partners

“The Lightfoot Initiative have quickly become a trusted voice in the community to lead discussion about active travel. They’re working effectively across a diverse range of groups and organizations, including QLDC, to implement programmes to improve transport for the community.”

Mike Theelen

“The Lightfoot initiative have become a key strategic partner for the Queenstown Trails Trust.”

Mark “Willy” Williams
CEO – Queenstown Trails Trust

“We are delighted to be in partnership with the Lightfoot Initiative and will be carrying out a number of projects with them over the next few years with a view to carbon emissions reductions. “

Eleanor Trueman
Board Chair – Sustainable Queenstown

“Public Health and the Lightfoot Initiative are aligned in our vision for a more equitable, sustainable, and healthy future via mode shift towards active travel.”

Sierra Alef-Dafoe
Public Health Promoter – Southern District Health

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Thank you to our partners!

We couldn’t do this without the support offered by our amazing partners.
Thank you to one and all!