Aotearoa Bike Challenge – Queenstown Wahine tell us Why biking is awesome

Amanda Robinson – Lightfoot initiative co-founder

In the latest episode of the Outlet Queenstown podcast, Amanda Robinson from The Lightfoot Initiative, discusses the Aotearoa Bike Challenge, her own experience with cycling, and the potential that lies in pedal-powered commuting for a greener tomorrow.

Robinson’s gone from a self-confessed ‘bogan’ with a penchant for the automotive rush, to an advocate for the eco-friendly thrills of cycling.

She chats about the joy derived from cycling through bustling London city streets and the serene trails in Queenstown, and discusses urban planning and community health.

Robinson believes that while building infrastructure for cycling is ideal, a quicker way to make streets bike-friendly is simply by increasing the number of cyclists on the road.

She advocates for the integration of cycling into daily routines, not only as a recreational activity but also as a viable mode of transport for running errands or commuting to work.

And she encourages parents to instil confidence in their children by exposing them to cycling in safe environments.

February is the Aotearoa Bike Challenge month, with participants earning points for every ride, with the incentive of winning prizes.

Workplaces play a crucial role in this initiative, Robinson explains, fostering a community of environmentally conscious cyclists and promoting cycling as a sustainable mode of transport.

For more information on the Aotearoa Bike Challenge, visit the Love to Ride website or the Lightfoot Initiative‘s page.