GoGo’s in Shotover and LHE!

After great success with the rollout of GoGo Electro for the QPS community, we’re now brought our cargo e-bike initiative to Shotover Country and Lake Hayes Estate. 

Sometimes it’s hard to see how the convenience of an e-bike can help cut down on traffic stress, fuel costs and parking issues until you get on one and start (occasionally) pedalling. That’s why we introduced the GoGo Electro – a way for local families to test out a cargo e-bike free of charge for a few days. 

The Yuba Spicy Curry bike rides like a normal bike while providing plenty of storage and the ability to transport 1-2 children safely and comfortably too. This makes it ideal for short trips to the shops and school trips, as our many happy borrowers have discovered…

“I had a smile on my face every time I took off on the bike. My girl and I used the bike everyday – to the pool, gymnastics, 5 Mile shops, Remarkables Market, the lake and Te Atamira. I loved how we parked right outside the door everywhere… It definitely reduced another car on the road, and my car collected spider webs in the garage.”

“It was the small things that made such a difference. Friday night and want to go an adventure with your son to get a delicious takeaway meal? No worries, just jump on, pedal out, and pick up the pizza. It was fun, easy, and so fast – the pizza was perfect when we returned home.”  

Demand is high for the GoGo so it pays to plan ahead when making a booking. For all the details and how to sign up, check out the link here: lightfoot.org.nz/gogoelectro