Lightfoot legend

Juliet is a Lightfoot Legend and a bike commuter on a mission – born from a desire not to be stuck in traffic, or pay exorbitant parking fees – you will find her biking from Quail Rise into Frankton and back on a daily basis – summer and winter, (light) rain and shine!

LF: Whdid you start commuting by bike?

JE: I’m not one for the gym, especially with the beautiful environment we live in here, so this is my exercise. I’m essentially lazy. I started aiming for one day a week and gradually built up so that biking became a habit and is now my default. It has to be some pretty wild weather for me to use the car. I’m not a rainy day girl. 

LF: What gets you out of the door on a freezing cold morning?

JE: On the coal black mornings, it’s knowing that I’m not going to be stuck in traffic if I drive myself home. It’s all about the attitude.

LF: Is there one essential piece in your wardrobe that makes cycling more bearable in the winter?

JE: Not really – if you’re leaving the house in winter here then it’s always a hat, gloves and a scarf or a buff. Biking is no different. No one wants cold hands.

LF: What challenges are there to cycling in winter?

JE: Watch out for the black ice. I had one hit to the body and ended up black and blue.

LF: What is your favourite part of the commute?

JE: The chance to listen to a favourite album or a podcast. It’s a cool thing!

LF: If money were no object, what would you change on your bike or wardrobe set up to make your ride easier?

JE: Definitely a Hermes handbag (joke – I’m pretty cheap).

LF: What’s been the best investment in your cycling setup?

JE: The panniers on my new bike are great as they make it so much easier to carry heavy items, and in the summer they stop your back getting all sweaty. Those and the mudguards, they’re not applicable to many bikes, but for me they let me wear ‘normal’ clothes when I’m commuting without risking them being splattered with mud, not a good look in the office!

Well, there you have it, if you see commuting legend Juliet out on the roads, give her a wave as she equates to an extra car off the road on a daily basis, so long as the rain isn’t too heavy 😁