Share and share alike

How carpooling will help Queenstown move

Making personal connections is vital within a thriving community as it allows us to both support others and to access valuable assistance when it’s needed. Life is easier when you can rely on a reliable local network – be it for borrowing tools, child-minding, or, as you may have guessed by the title to this article, sharing a ride into work each day.  

Of course, sometimes connecting with your community is easier said than done. We might know our immediate neighbours, but what about those just down the road? Are they undertaking the same daily struggle through the traffic?

That’s why we’ve started QTown Carpool – a Facebook group dedicated to connecting commuters and reducing traffic during peak times. 

This page isn’t necessarily about trying to find lifts to the snow, or rides across to Dunedin etc. Instead, it has been started to help everyday commuters find regular shared rides to and from work each day. 

  1. Offer a ride or ask for a ride. Be sure to let everyone know your location, destination and regularity of the trip. 
  2. Connect via Messenger and try it out (check out our tips here for help on what makes a good carpool.  
  3. Spread the good news and encourage others to lighten the load on our roads. Share your carpool success story on our Facebook page and be in the draw to win great spot prizes. 

A car-pooling arrangement won’t be for everyone. But, if it results in less cars in the queue each morning and evening, it will certainly help everyone.