Upgrades to State Highway 6 and 6A – Submission

We are writing regarding the intended upgrades to State Highway 6 and 6A, and the Frankton Roundabout. Thank you very much for the work that has gone into this project thus far.

The Lightfoot Initiative Charitable Trust has the following feedback that we would like considered.

  1. We appreciate the development of signalised intersections to improve traffic flow and safety for cyclists and pedestrians. This, in conjunction with the intention of developing a shared pedestrian and cycle path on both the north and south side of SH6, will make it safer and easier for users to engage in active modes. Ensuring the design of these 3m wide shared paths does not create a funnel or bottle neck when approaching the signalised crossings is required.
  2. The shared pedestrian and cycle paths (shared paths) will cater to many users. However, we believe that cycle commuter will utilise the bus priority lanes to travel more quickly along SH6. Therefore, consideration to ensure their safe passage across intersections (where cars may be turning into side roads across the bus lane) needs to be factored into the overall design.
  3. We note that along with the development of a bridge spanning Jim’s Way to the southern side of SH6, a new island refuge will be developed outside of Bunnings. We believe that this is necessary to cater for future developments in west Quail Rise.
  4. Increased space for shared paths around the proposed bus hub is required, as this could potentially become a pinch point in the overall network, as the bus hub will cater to large numbers of users transferring through.
  5. The design of the bus hub space requires review. We support the intent to develop this space as a location for both local and regional or long-haul buses. To ensure this space meets the needs of the community, additional waiting space and facilities are required. We believe this space has the potential to act as a mobility hub. We would like to see a more forward-thinking design that reflects our local needs. This includes creating a large, safe and comfortable space for waiting, refreshments, attractive and accessible toilet facilities for all users (including families), an appropriate level of bicycle parking/recharging/long term storage. We think this is an opportunity to create a flagship mobility hub that attracts users to recognising buses as a logical replacement for their car.
  6. Large scale cycle parking is required to cater to hundreds of bicycles. We believe that up to 15,000 people may be transferring through the proposed bus hub each day. This requires ample provision of cycle facilities that are well lit, secure, safe and freely available. This includes space for all types of bicycles, including e-bikes, and includes long term parking options for those travelling regionally. Casual parking should also be available for those using facilities or shops nearby.
  7. The proposed changes to the speed limits are welcomed, as the current variation is very confusing for both locals and visitors. We request that, as side roads are currently at 40km/h, that SH6 and SH6a be reduced to either 40km/h or 50km/h due to the increase in cycle and pedestrian traffic. 
  8. Review and remediation of access to the Frankton Beach active travel route is required as part of this upgrade. The current connectivity (stairs on an active travel route) does not cater to cyclists, people with mobility challenges, parents with strollers or small children on scooters.
  9. As part of the upgrade, we would like to see immediate development of the streets feeding off SH6a, specifically Lucas Place, Ross Street, Boyes Crescent and Humphrey Street. We understand that this is the responsibility of the Way to Go Group/QLDC, however, ensuring that there are clear links into the Frankton Beach trail (Ross Street and Boyes Cresc) is required. Additionally, we believe that the large verges on both Lucas Place and Humphrey Street (QLDC owned roading reserve) should be redeveloped to include shared paths similar to those along SH6 and SH6a. This will provide a more adequate level of connectivity linking up all parts of Frankton to cycle and pedestrian users, making a more cohesive and connected active travel route through this integral suburb.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide our views on these developments.

Yours sincerely,

Amanda Robinson

Chief of Operations 

Lightfoot Initiative Charitable Trust