Transforming Workplace Travel

Congested concrete sprawl or vibrant alpine city? The future of Queenstown’s economy lies in active transport. The future of Queenstown’s people lies in making active choices about how they travel.

Active8 applies a wide research base in behaviour change and motivation theories. We work closely with your company to ensure the design reflects what works for your people. This results in a bespoke commuter travel plan tailored to the needs of your organisation and employees.

An essential component of Active8 is the Guaranteed Ride Home Programme (GRHP). Internationally and in NZ it has been proven that employees are 65% more likely to use active travel to commute if a GRHP is provided. Knowing that you can manage emergency travel such as collecting a sick child from school, attending to a family member or attending an urgent or unexpected appointment provides the surety that employees need, to feel confident in trialing new modes. Lightfoot resources the GRHP if needed.


  • A fully implemented commuter travel plan
  • Demographic Report and Workplace Readiness profile
  • Key Indicators report against our three pillars: Urutaunga, Hauora, Tiakitanga
  • Access to data for sustainability and employee satisfaction reporting
  • An ongoing programme that supports workplace retention
  • Employees who confidently engage with the 8 different modes of transport available to them in the Whakatipu