bringing bikes back to the road & helping newcomers be happy riders – One bike at a time.

We rescue bikes

We source bikes for donation that have been gathering dust in garages around the Whakatipu

We fix them up

Our volunteer team of ace bike mechanics assess donated bikes for suitability and safety, then fix them up ready for the new owners

We donate them

Newcomers to the area, or anyone who needs a bike, can apply or be nominated to receive a OneBike – ready to hit the road

Kiwis love biking. And most people in the Whakatipu own a bike. Or do they?

Many of us have fond memories of getting our first bike and learning to ride. Everyone had one and we had the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. Bikes are a unique part of our Kiwi culture. But not for all. Two local charities – ourselves and The Kiwi Kit Community have gathered together a community of people who agree that bikes are essential to our Queenstown culture. They’re working to make sure everyone who needs a bike, can get one. Commuting or recreational, the bikes will be safe and ready to ride.

OneBike is a community project. It’s by the community for the whole community. Started in early 2022, OneBike have now donated five bikes to the community, and now that processes are up and running, we hope that many more will be re-purposed in the coming years.