GoGo Electro

The new cargo eBike library scheme making travel in the Wakatipu free and easy

Welcome to GoGo Electro. This is a free initiative created for households wanting to see what it’s like to escape high petrol prices, traffic chaos and the daily grind of travelling by car. Be it for the commute or chores, the small trips or school visits, a cargo eBike makes a huge difference to your fuel costs and stress levels.

Trial a Yuba Spicy Curry – an electric cargo bike that rides just like a normal bike – fully configured and set up for your needs, it can transport up to two kids from 12 months to 12 years.

The Yuba can replace your second car, and will leave you smiling in the process.

Starts from Term 4 for Queenstown Primary School families, other primary schools to be added next year.

The Deal

Over three to four days your family can take some time to get to know a cargo eBike, test out your day-to-day (minus the car), whilst boosting your confidence on two wheels. Try the school run, pick up groceries or ride out to your favourite BBQ spot for the ultimate day out by bike.

These trials will be running from Sunday to Wednesday, and Wednesday to Saturday at selected schools in the Whakatpiu. We will set the bike up for your family, allowing you to get a proper idea of what the bike would be like if you owned one and had it tailored to your needs.

The trial will be available to the parents of children attending the following schools:

  • Queenstown Primary School
  • Shotover Primary School
  • Remarkables Primary School

If your school is not on the list above, register your interest on the sign up form and we will consider it for another round of the GoGo Electro trial.

Once you sign up to the trial, we will forward your details to the designated Cargo Champion at your school, who is in charge of a range of things. They will organise the roster for the trials, and coordinate the handover of bikes between parents as needed. They will also support with the fitting of any accessories to suit your family and will provide advice or answers to any questions you may have. We will also reach out directly to each participating family to answer any questions and provide advice on the use of the bike.

Many thanks to our sponsors!